SWISSCOIN is a new promissing cryptocurrency. Its new, fresh, better & safer then old crypto currencies. If you are in from start, then you can make huge profits. The future will have no printed money, crypto currencies are here to stay. Learn about it here.
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Swisscoin is a new cryptocurrency from Switzerland and is headquartered in Canton, Zug. Which is the new crypto valley where all the big blockchain business is. Our neighbors are famous companies as Bitcoin, ETHERUM, Minetas, SM and many more. Precisely at this place the future of cryptography will be printed.

Whether you want to know more about SWISSCOIN, as an investor, business partner or candidate - all of us have one thing in common - benefit thanks to your engagement in a new future of cryptocurrency - SWISSCOIN. Here you find all info about us, how you can learn more and how to invest or how to work with Swisscoin.

About crypto currency

Crypto Currency is easily explained as digital money. The new technology called block-chain, a block-chain is a computer program that creates an online log that is shaped by different blocks linked by a chain (block-chain).

They use computers with high capacity to solve mathematical equations in these blocks as well as transactions can be implemented in the system. All transactions performed will be recorded in the log and when the equations are solved so the distribution software create digital coins to those who have been with and solved the equations as a reward and locks the existing block to begin a new block with new equations.

The coins are being distributed is unique, there is only one coin of each (each coin has a unique numerical code on it) and can be tracked from start to finish. When the coin is unique, then it has a value, and the value is determined by the demand for these coins.

Swisscoin blockchain


Swisscoin's blockchain has a capacity that allows 10 billion Swisscoin's to be produced. Crypto currency is inflation-protected and it can not be affected from any direction. It makes cryptocurrency comparable with precious metals and the value is determined by supply and demand.
Swisscoin is promoted as "The People's Coin" and therefore give away 100 free coins to the first million members who register. SWISSCOIN is designed for everyone, not just for millionaires. These 100 coins will be activated in In February 2017 when the trade- and retail platform is launched and your account is activated with a minimum investment of € 25.
Swisscoin even give out 100 free coins to the first million stores that signs up and accept Swisscoin as payment method.
In Swisscoin you have no "dead" legs - If you choose to take part of our compensation plan by sharing with you this unique opportunity, you will have only one team, there is only one qualification, you get direct payment of everything that happens from you and your downline. With our unique compensation plan, you get paid daily for your work. So what you do today, you get paid for tomorrow.
Swisscoin offers an online academy, a training course in the field of crypto currency and block chain to everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, education, financial advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should be able to learn how to take advantage of so new industry as cryptocurrency and blockchain is. All kind of people can get a chance to make difference.
Anyone can become a member of Swisscoin and get access to Swisscoin e-wallet, trading and retail platform for free and start building their Swisscoin organization to get benefits from the compensation plan we offer.
The membership of Swisscoin offer you a free e-wallet linked to Swisscoin's block chain where you, without borders can send money to others throughout the world, for free. In other words - Free banking!
Crypto currencies as Swisscoin is the beginning of a financial revolution in banking and transactional matters. We know that already today big banks around the world look at the block chain technology and cryptocurrency, about how they will be able to implement this in their system. Do not miss this unique opportunity to be involved from the start.

Online Academy

Swisscoin offers an online training in cryptocurrency and the block chain. It is an online academy that will give you the knowledge you need to generate favorable gains in trading cryptocurrency. Block chain technology made it possible for an entirely new financial industry of mankind to grow, we have the opportunity to take advantage of this at an early stage and to profit from it. For that we shell be able to feel confident in what we do, so it requires some understanding and possessing knowledge.

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Incredible benefits

The concept behind cryptocurrency is still very new, the first crypto currency that came on the market in 2009 and since then the majority of crypto-currencies have been launched. Today, experts of the world say that cryptocurrency is the future of payment.

By educating yourself on the subject so you can get incredible benefits through trade and investment worldwide. kryptovaluta


The training package from Swisscoin you in addition to the training, also receive tokens that are used to generate the Swisscoin in "mining" process.

("Mining" is the name of the process when the system produces new coins by solving mathematical algorithm by computing power, this process is handled entirely by the company.)


You will also receive a "split" in each package (1-3, depending on which package you buy) which is a bonus. When this occurs, your tokens you received with your purchased package will be doubled, which means that you will get back Swisscoin to a double value of what you have just invested in your education pack.


Swisscoin is a network-based business and you can only become a member by going through a invitation link from someone who is already a member of Swisscoin. The reason we have chosen the network concept is that we know that cryptocurrency have to be explained, it is not something you see an advertisement on television and decide to invest in. You need to be informed and educated on the subject and understand why you should invest in cryptocurrency. Therefore we have chosen to do it through the network, and in that way reward our employees who choose to market Swisscoin and build a network of educated investors.

Swisscoin payment plan

There are five ways to make daily payments at Swisscoin, excess profit from the increase in value of the investment.
Here we go through these:


    You would receive 10% commission of all of the business volume (BV) in the direct sold training packages from Swisscoin. There is no limit on how many programs you can sell.
    (€ 1 = 0.8bv)

    Direct Bonus is paid daily


    If you accumulate at least 5000BV in personal sales within those first 30 days after registering your account with Swisscoin, you will receive a bonus of 10%.

    "Fast Start" bonus credited to your "trading account" and can only be used to purchase additional training package from Swisscoin.


    To qualify for the "Team Bonus" you must personally be at least a Trader-500 and two directly sponsored members with at least a € 25 package each. Team bonus is paid on all sales made by the entire team, indefinitely.

    Team bonus will be paid daily!


    Matching bonus is paid daily


    Matching bonuses are calculated on what your partner earns, so the more your downline (people on your team) earn, the more you earn.

    To qualify for the matching bonus, you need at least a € 250 package itself, and two directly sponsored members who have at least a € 50 each.


    Share 1% of Swisscoin total sale!

    Shares 1% of all sales of the world! Depending on what rank you are, you will receive between 1-7 parts of "Diamond pool". Diamond pool based on all sales made world wide and then distributed to all members who have attained the position of Diamond or higher.
    Diamond pool will be paid twice a year, the first Saturday in August and the first Saturday in February
    Qualification Period Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec every year.


60/40 payment system

swisscoin coin

Cash account

Money you have in the cash account, you can spend as you wish, take out and use etc.

Trading account

Money you have in trading account can only be used to purchase additional training package to acquire more Swisscoin to your advantage.


Will be activated during the month of September and linked directly to your e-wallet (cash account).

To credit the e-wallet & fill my account

Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Payza, Payeer and PayPal.

Start working with Swisscoin today & build your future.
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